Week 2 Match | Team N [N] versus no Excuses [nE]



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    Week 2 Match | Team N [N] versus no Excuses [nE]

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:16 pm

    Team N [N] versus no Excuses [nE]

    In this mighty match, we have the crowd favourite Team [N] coming against the frenchies no Excuses! We look forward to seeing the legend himself BoX in action against the up and coming tam nE. Can KurCo and CorNox hold of the mighty rush? Or will [N]emati be SCARY enough to rid of the frenchie boys.

    Time | 1500EST
    Battle Report Link

    Player Watch |


    Most Important Series | i[N]BoXxX versus nE.KuRCo

    Why? Both these players have proven themselves lately and over time. BoX is always one to fear, i personally hate playing against what ever team he's on. I recently have had the chance to watch nE play and KurCo seems to be the clutch player, the closer. I think this match will be cose what ever way it goes.

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