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GGL Season 1 End

Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:05 pm by GGL|shiKaka

What a roller coaster of a ride. Yes, season one ended like 3 weeks ago but i have been gone to Ohio
and California for about a month, and WAR3 was the last thing on my mind to be honest. I'm proud to
announce that we have our first champion of the new Good Game League!

1st Place| :kor:EGIS eSports [EGiS]



2nd Place| Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]


:hu :LaG.TT.Raspot

3rd Place| :ger:DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]
4th Place| 🇺🇸Clan OwNu is so Cabi ![o_O]

Season Awards|

Players of the Week |
W1: o_O)LaND & :ud:o_O)Meta
W2: nE.KurCo & 🇭🇺i[N]BoX
W3: GMG-Friend
W4: n2o.Gloryfades
W5: n2o.Acidrain & nE.Arx0nt
W6: Ye[NN]i
W7: DkH.Rain
W8: EGiS.FoCuS & EGiS.LawLiet
PO R1: o_O)FK
PO R2: o_O)FK & LaG.TT.DanGeR
PO R3: 🇳🇪EGiS.LawLiet & :0rc:EGiS.FoCuS

Most Valuable Player |
nE.Arx0nt & LaG.TT.Acidrain
Most Improved Player |
LaG.TT.Touch & n2o.Gloryfades & Ls.Orcworker
Most Clutch Player |
Best 2s Team |
nE.Arx0nt & nE.CorNoX
Most Mannered Player |
Most Bad Mannered Player |
Most Creative (innovative) Player |
Most Mannered Team |
Manager of the Season |
Remind Killer of the Season |
The 'I need an Award' Award |

Top 2 Players for each race| (not based of records)
| 🇺🇸LaG.TT.Acidrain - :rus:InquisitiveHawK
| 🇬🇧DkH.WarchiefRich - :fra:nE.CorNoX
| :rus:nE.Arx0nt - :kor:EGiS.FoCuS
| 🇺🇸o_O)RSM - :ger:Fs.Passion

Congratulations to all the players and teams that participated this season.

Play-Offs Round 3 | Grand Finals

Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:27 pm by GGL|shiKaka

Good Game League | WC3L Grand Finals

Last week we had some very fun and interesting matches played so let's get to it.

First match that was played was

#8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] versus #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

A very well played war by both teams, with bad mannered MVP WarchiefRich beating Touch the rest of DkH needed to step up. LaG wasn't having it Anima & DanGer stepped up both winning their matches 2:0. With the war at 2:1 early on, DkH's Sub took a 2:0 win as well. The war was at 2:2 perfectly even, with the 2s being played the south americans from LaG Rottereye and DanGer took a 2:0 win to seal the deal taking the whole match with them.

#8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] [2:3] #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]


Another great war which took place the next day

#2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS]

OwNu's strongest point all season long has been the 2on2, and it wasn't any different in this match. FK & LaND took on the challenge o EGiS's 2s team and they did it well with a nice 2:0 win. Mean while on the other side, LaND dropped his solo match 0:2 as well as auRa! dropped his 0:2 as well to FoCuS. With the series on the brink of defeat for OwNu none other than FK the hunt master was able to win his solo match! With everything even at 2:2 a great series between "Moon" [N]emati taking on the cheese master LawLiet. After grueling game 1, the series was taken 2:1 by LawLiet.

#2 Clan OwNu [o_O] [2:3] #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS]


We are sure to have a great finals here.

Grand Finals for 1st and 2nd place
#3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS] versus #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

Consolation Finals for 3rd and 4th place
#2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]

I'm hoping to cast these matches.

1on1 Maps:
Echo Isles
Ancient Isles
Turtle Rock
Furbolg Mountain

2on2 Map:
Lost Temple

Play-Offs Round 2

Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:21 pm by GGL|shiKaka

Some very good games have been played this round in the play-offs! Some matches were down to the last match before it was clear whowas moving on, let's take a look.

#1 Firestalker versus #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]

Fs started out strong with a 2:0 win in the twos. So DkH quickly fell and needed a much needed win. Following that series, the DkH MVP known as DkH.WarchiefRich stepped up and placed a convincing 2:0. The series was all tied up when DkH.RaiN closed off Fs's season with a 2:0 victory of his own.

#1 Fs [1:2] #8 DkH


#4 no Excuses [nE] vs #5 Latest and Greatest [LaG.TT]

Next in the brackets we had the mighty french team versus DanGer and gang. We were hoping for a great clanwar and we got it. This series also was lopsided on the 2s and the seasons best 2s team nE.Arxn0t & nE.CorNoX dominated 2:0. Things were looking grim for LaG early but shortly LaG's MVP DaNger stepped it up and won his match, right after that Anima beat his fellow countryman 2:0 as well.

#4 nE [1:2] #5 LaG.TT


#2 Clan OwNu [o_O] vs #7 Riders of Storm [RoS]

Team USA was up in this match, and things didn't look so hot early. The Savior took down his opponent Nuance pretty easily 2:0. Right after that the 2s went into play were RoS took game 1. Things looking shaky for the number 2 seed, ALL STAR FK & META stepped up there game and clawed back to a 2:1 victory! Then FK finished it off later 2:0'ed the mythical player known as MinM.

#2 o_O [2:1] #7 Ros


#3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS] vs #6 n2o Gaming . us [n2o]

Last but not least the first match that took place over the week was the heavily favorited EGiS vs n2o. Both teams have shown up strong over the season, but in the fight EGiS was "too strong". Despite the stream hacking accusations and map hack accusations, FoCuS was able to come back from being down 0:0 to Flipstar and win soundly 2:0. Gloryfades put up a fight vs LawLiet barely losing 1:2.

#3 EGiS [3:0] #6 n2o


Round 2 of the play-offs are as follows |

#5 Latest and Greatest [LaG.TT] versus #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]

#2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS]

Maps |
Terenas Stand
Secret Valley
Turtle Rock
Twisted Meadows

I've switched the playoffs back to standard 4 1v1s and 1 2v2 for the reason being it is now round 2. I just wanted to test the other format out, but know that next season's format will be a lot different!

The winners of this round will play in the championship and the losers will also play each other for 3rd/4th place. Good luck to all teams!

Round 1 | #2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #7 Riders of Storm [RoS]

Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:57 pm by GGL|shiKaka

Play-off Preview |

#2 Clan OwNu [o_O]

The dominate American team of the season OwNu showed much skill in their matches. They posted a impressive 6:1 record, beating most of their opponents very soundly. With a confident 2s team and some very good maphackers (nuance) anything was possible this season. In week 5 team OwNu took on RoS and they were able to defeat them 3:1, I'm sure they are hoping for a similar outcome.

Team Statistics |
Record | 6:1
MapScore | 45:31
Points | 45
Penalty Points | 0.5

-Top Performers this Season-

o_O)nuance | 7:2
o_O)FK | 15:11
o_O)LaND | 11:8

View the full team profile HERE


#7 Riders of Storm [RoS]

Riders formerly known as eW mustered just enough power at the end of the season to make the playoffs. Most of the season they sat at #9 which they would not have made it in. Now up against a team they already lost to once this season, they'll once again have to push out some power to win against the favorites of the match.

Team Statistics |
Record | 4:3
MapScore | 36:31
Points | 36
Penalty Points | 2.5

-Top Performers this Season-

RoS.Savior | 8:4
RoS.Qlimax | 9:7
RoS.BeaTBoX | 2:0

View the full team profile HERE

Round 1 | #4 no Excuses [nE] versus #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:08 am by GGL|shiKaka

Play-off Preview |

#4 no Excuses [nE]

Where to start with the team right outta France. A very dangerous team for this playoffs, they missed the top 3 just by one spot but this puts them in position to be a great upset team. Who ever wins this moves on to visit the winner of #1 Fs / #8 DkH next round. This french team has 2 players in the top 5 holding the #1 spot and the #3 spot up there. Some very impressive 5:0 wins this season, 3 in total. They had the most of any team. Looking forward to see some french micro!

Team Statistics |
Record | 6:2
MapScore | 54:34
Points | 54
Penalty Points | 2.5

-Top Performers this Season-

nE.Arx0nt | 25:10
nE.CorNoX | 19:11
nE.KurCo | 10:9

View the full team profile HERE


#5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

This team straight 'outa Compton started off the season really slow, losing their first to series and then almost losing to the now disbanned TranQ. After a very slow start they kicked it into gear by winning out the rest of the game they played in season. With some established players and some new and upcoming players that havent been around long. I know these guys have a nice competition going with nE as France stands divided with LaG holding a few players themselves!

Team Statistics |
Record | 5:2
MapScore | 44:20
Points | 44
Penalty Points | 00.9

-Top Performers this Season-

LaG.TT.DanGer | 14:9
LaG.TT.Anima | 9:3
LaG.TT.Saturn | 5:5

View the full team profile HERE


This match will be streamed @

-I'll cast this match if i can get a co-caster.

Match Time | 13:30 EST

Round 1 | #3 EGIS eSports [EGiS] versus #6 n2o eSports .us [n2o]

Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:29 pm by GGL|shiKaka

Play-off preview |

#3 Team EGIS eSports [EGiS]

This korean team has been taking the league scene by storm recently with some very convincing wins. In their last match of the season they depleted the team from nE. The team had some recent additions to their squad with the very well know EGiS.FoCuS. I don't really need to introduce him at all because he's already a legend. I'm sure this confident squads have it in their plans to take GGL | WC3L Season 1 champ's home with them.

Team Statistics |
Record | 6:1
MapScore | 39:14
Points | 39
Penalty Points | 11.0

-Top Performers this Season-

EGiS.LawLiet | 9:2
EGiS.FoCuS | 4:0
EGiS.Fyah | 4:2

View the full team profile HERE


#6 n2o eSports . us [n2o]

The late great American team n2o, formerly known as vVv has had a couple trouble this season with inactivity. Desperatley adding players through the season they kept their play-off hopes alive with a 4:2 record. They have some of the most talented players on their team (not that it is saying much) and look forward to their first round match. It's easy to say that n2o is the underdog, but they are looking for a key win here.

Team Statistics |
Record | 4:2
MapScore | 31:24
Points | 31
Penalty Points | 0.0

-Top Performers this Season-

n2o.Acidrain | 12:4
n2o.Flipstar | 9:3
n2o.GloryFades | 9:8

View the full team profile HERE


This match will be streamed @

-I'll cast this match if i can get a co-caster.

Match Time | 11:00pm EST

GGL | WC3L Playoffs

Mon May 30, 2011 9:15 am by GGL|shiKaka

Well season one is over!
(ended pretty rough, but i'll take the blame)
A lot of things will be changing for season, and i mean A LOT of things.
Let's introduce the playoffs!!

The playoffs will consist the top 8 teams from the season.

#1 | Firestalker [Fs] | 7:1 | 55pts
#2 | Clan OwNu [o_O] | 6:1 | 45pts
#3 | EGiS Gaming [EGiS] | 6:1 | 39pts
#4 | no Excuses [nE] | 6:2 | 54pts
#5 | Latest and Greatest [LaG.TT] | 5:2 | 44pts
#6 | n2o Gaming . us [n2o] | 4:2 | 39pts
#7 | Riders of Storm [RoS] | 4:3 | 36pts
#8 | DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] | 4:3 | 34pts

Seedings were based off first records, then points. Since not all teams finished their games it was a little skewed but i feel this was fair enough. There was also once case where the RPI (strength of schedule) was taken into play, which was the top 4.

RPI incident | though nE had the second highest points in the standings and did win pretty convincingly, every team except the 2 they beat had losing records and weren't as good compared to the upper teams. The 2 good teams they played the lost 0-5 and 1-4. So this is an example where the RPI came into play. It is much like college football RPI where it is basically your strength of schedule.

Format | There is a newer format of play that i want to test out for next season. I'm pretty sure i will use it for next season so what the new format is, is this
solo series | Player 1 vs Player 2 - Best of 3
solo series | Player 3 vs Player 4 - Best of 3
solo series | Players 5 & 6 vs Players 7 & 8 - Best of 3

-So just 3 series' to be played.
-Each team is allowed 1 SUBCARD per round of playoffs.
-No they do not stack, or roll over.

Maps |
Echo Isles
Turtle Rock


#1 | Firestalker [Fs] vs #8 | DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]
-Schedule Here-
#2 | Clan OwNu [o_O] vs #7 | Riders of Storm [RoS]
-Schedule Here-
#3 | EGiS Gaming [EGiS] vs #6 | n2o Gaming . us [n2o]
-Schedule Here-
#4 | no Excuses [nE] vs #5 | Latest and Greatest [LaG.TT]
-Schedule Here-

These matches MUST BE PLAYED BY JUNE 5TH!!!
These matches MUST BE SCHEDULED BY JUNE 2ND @ 23:59 EST.

Season awards will be given out round 2 of the play-offs.
There will also be awards given for the play-offs:
-Most Valuable Player
-Most Clutch Player

And in the championship series:
-Finals MVP

Player stats are updated, you can click the link in the left side, and top 5 on on the right side.
Hope all will end smoothly i guarentee much better admin performance by me next season.


GGL Staff

GGL | WC3L Season Ending Update!

Sat May 28, 2011 11:57 am by GGL|shiKaka

Updates for GGL | WC3L being made this morning.
Official post will be up soon. All matches have
been closed unless you have it scheduled to be
played within the next 3 hours. Look for more on playoffs
here in a couple of hours!

If you see something not updated right in the battle reports concerning scores please post here!

NOTE: If matches were not played, neither team received points and it didnt count against them either.


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GGL | WC3L Top 5

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