Play-Offs Round 3 | Grand Finals


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    Play-Offs Round 3 | Grand Finals

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:27 pm

    Good Game League | WC3L Grand Finals

    Last week we had some very fun and interesting matches played so let's get to it.

    First match that was played was

    #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] versus #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

    A very well played war by both teams, with bad mannered MVP WarchiefRich beating Touch the rest of DkH needed to step up. LaG wasn't having it Anima & DanGer stepped up both winning their matches 2:0. With the war at 2:1 early on, DkH's Sub took a 2:0 win as well. The war was at 2:2 perfectly even, with the 2s being played the south americans from LaG Rottereye and DanGer took a 2:0 win to seal the deal taking the whole match with them.

    #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] [2:3] #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]


    Another great war which took place the next day

    #2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS]

    OwNu's strongest point all season long has been the 2on2, and it wasn't any different in this match. FK & LaND took on the challenge o EGiS's 2s team and they did it well with a nice 2:0 win. Mean while on the other side, LaND dropped his solo match 0:2 as well as auRa! dropped his 0:2 as well to FoCuS. With the series on the brink of defeat for OwNu none other than FK the hunt master was able to win his solo match! With everything even at 2:2 a great series between "Moon" [N]emati taking on the cheese master LawLiet. After grueling game 1, the series was taken 2:1 by LawLiet.

    #2 Clan OwNu [o_O] [2:3] #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS]


    We are sure to have a great finals here.

    Grand Finals for 1st and 2nd place
    #3 EGiS Gaming [EGiS] versus #5 Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT]

    Consolation Finals for 3rd and 4th place
    #2 Clan OwNu [o_O] versus #8 DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]

    I'm hoping to cast these matches.

    1on1 Maps:
    Echo Isles
    Ancient Isles
    Turtle Rock
    Furbolg Mountain

    2on2 Map:
    Lost Temple

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