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    GGL | SC2 League Rules

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:54 am

    Section 1 / GGL:SC2
    1.10 The Good Game League : Star Craft 2 is an international team league that welcomes teams from around the world.
    1.20 GGL's email is
    1.30 GGL's default timezone is EST.

    Section 2 / Definitions
    2.10 Clan War: Also referred to as a Match. Two teams play each other in solo matches eliminating other teams players until no one is left.
    2.20 Penalty Point: Points given to teams when the rules are broken. These points accumulate over an entire season and can result in a loss of points on the standings.
    2.30 Qualifiers: The start of a season in which teams apply to SGL and based on their application are chosen to participate.
    2.40 Regular Season: Ten (10) weeks of round-robin style play in which points are awarded based on matches won.
    2.50 Playoffs: One of the final stages of a Regular Season. The top four teams at the end of the season play a mini-tournament to determine the champions of each season in the SGL.
    2.60 Team Owner: The sole person who will make all of the final decisions for a team. The control the majority of the transactions that take place on a team.
    2.70 Team Manager: The person(s) that schedule Clan Wars for their team.
    2.80 Head Admin: The person(s) that make the final decisions for the SGL. They oversee everything that goes on in the league and ensure everything is up to par.
    2.90 Match Admin: The person(s) that attend all of the Clan Wars in the SGL. They also resolve any disputes during a Clan War.

    Section 3 / Scheduling

    3.10: Team Head Managers and/or Sub Managers are solely responsible for making sure their matches are scheduled.
    3.20: Clan Wars can be divided up into more than 1 scheduled time in the given time frame for each week.
    - 3.21: Matches cannot be divided up, only separate Series.
    3.30: Managers from BOTH sides must email the league (GGAMELEAGUE@GMAIL.COM) of the scheduled time (Both times must match to verify the scheduled time).
    -3.31: Both teams should send in their scheduled time at least one day in advance or they will receive 1 PP.
    3.40: Multiple series can be played at the same time during a CW (For example, doing 3 of the Series at the same time. This helps the CW's get completed faster).
    3.50: The Scheduled times MUST be sent before Friday 11:59pm (EST) or your team will receive 1 PP.
    -3.50: If only 1 team has sent in the scheduled time, to ensure that this scheduled time is and was confirmed by the other team, we ask that you provide us with proof, otherwise if need a confirmation by the other teams manager. If you do not provide proof and their manager does not confirm it, then your team will be given .5 PP for a false confirmed time.
    3.60: Teams have (1) Week to complete their CW's
    -3.61: Each Week begins on Monday 12:00 am and End on Sunday 11:59 pm.
    -3.62: Failure to complete the CW during that 1 week time frame will result in .5 PPs (per series incompleted) for each day played outside of the week.
    -3.63: In the event of having a difficult time scheduling and no time during the 1 week period cannot be determined Rule (3.62) will be neglected only if an admin agrees with playing outside of the week.
    3.70: If a team is unreachable and proper notification of this is made by the other team (such as providing proof on attempting to contact) no PP's will be given and Rule (3.50) will be neglected. If that team still cannot be contacted to the point of going outside of the play week, that team will FF each series not played.
    3.80: If there is difficulty scheduling a match, you MUST notify the admins by email (GGAMELEAGUE@GMAIL.COM). The admins will help you get your match scheduled, and if for some reason a time cannot be agreed upon, teams will be forced to play on Sunday @ 8pm EST.
    -3.81: In the event of a CW not being scheduled where admins have no notification, teams Must play on Sunday @ 8pm EST. If the teams do not show up for that time, they will both receive 3 PPs and be forced to play the following day @ 8pm EST (Continue this process for each day not played).

    Section 4 / Clan Wars

    4.10 A clan war consists of a series of best of one (Bo3) matches.
    4.20 The first map is 'neutral' and picked by the admins.
    4.30 The loser of the first map picks the second map.
    -4.31 If the person that won the first map loses the second map he chooses the third and final map.
    4.40 The maps must be picked from the leagues map pool(see below)
    -4.41 A map cannot be played twice in the same bo3.
    -4.42 The first map set by the league administration is considered to be "neutral", which means that either teams can pick it again.
    4.50 Before every match, except the first one, a player from both teams can veto a map from the remaining map pool. The team of the player who won the previous match gets to veto the map first.
    4.60 The clan war ends when all 5 bo3's are played.
    4.70 Every team gets the possibility of using a 3 sub cards through the season, so use them wisely.
    4.80 This means that they can sub in a player from their roster for someone who has not yet been eliminated in a running clan war.
    4.90 Teams will get 1 Sub Card for the playoffs and will not have any for the qualifiers.

    Section 5 / Match Procedure
    5.10 The teams have to schedule their match for the upcoming clan war and submit it to SGL 30 minutes before the actual match begins.
    5.20 To submit your scheduled time and/or lineup you have to email us at, please send the scheduled time in EST.
    5.30 Lineups and statement of at least 30 words have to be published 15 minutes before the match.
    -5.31 Lineups must consist of players' race, country, and name and the start of clan war.
    5.40 Each clan has to make sure that their first player of the according war is available 5 minutes before the clan war starts.
    5.50 If a player does not show up within ten (10) minutes after the end of the last match his clan will receive a default loss for his match.
    5.60 If a team wants to replace one of their players after the line-ups have been published (for example because of illness) the opposing team has to agree. If they don't agree the team of the missing player will receive a default loss for the according match.
    5.70 If one of the players disconnects within the first two (2) minutes of the match, it will be restarted with the same settings as the interrupted match.
    5.80 If one of the players disconnects later than two (2) minutes after the match has started, it will be counted as a default loss for the disconnecting player unless the player who did not disconnect is willing to offer a rematch.

    Section 6 / Team Management/Roster

    6.10 For the Regular Season, players added to the roster have to wait 5 days until they are eligible for a clan war.
    6.20 All Team's must fill out their Team Profile entirely. That means teams must have a Logo, a Clan Description and a website in their Team Profile.
    6.30 All Team Managers must be registered on the GGL website with their contact information in their profile (E-Mail, AIM or MSN, Country, Race, Bnet and IRC info).
    6.40 All players must be registered on the GGL website with their contact information in their profile (E-Mail, Race, Country, Bnet and IRC info).
    6.50 Team Owners and Team Managers have the power to add/remove players.
    6.60 Only the Team Owner can add/remove Team Managers.
    6.70 To add/delete player(s) to/from roster, team owner or manager has to go into their respective team profiles and comment alerting the admins to add/delete player(s) from their roster.
    6.80 Players can only be on one team roster.
    6.90 If a player is found to be "double tagging" they will be banned from the GGL for one season.

    Section 7 / Hosting/Lag
    7.10 Hosting
    -7.11 The host must be agreed on by both players.
    -7.12 If GGL staff is present, no matches can be started without their presence. Starting a match before a GGL Staff joins the game will equal .50pp to both teams.
    -7.13 If a GGL staff is not present in the game they must be messaged and asked if they are going to join. If they say no or do not respond within thirty (30) seconds, the game may begin.
    7.20. If a host can't be agreed on, the Admin present will pick or host the game.
    7.30 If the game has lag, it can be saved and re-hosted if agreed by both players. Leaving a game without the other player(s) consent constitutes a forfeit.
    -7.31 If the host has lag, you must leave immediately after game has started. Leaving a game after the two (2) minute mark constitutes as a forfeit, unless agreed by both players.
    -7.32 If a player scouts or there are interactions between the two players then 7.31 rule doesn't apply anymore.
    7.40 If a Match Admin appears to be "afk," you must message him before starting the game. If there is no response within thirty (30) seconds, you may start the game.
    7.50 Races must be determined before game is started. If player changes race during the countdown, the other player may leave the game immediately once it has started, or the rule 7.1.4 no longer applies.
    7.60 If a player disconnects before the two (2) minute mark has been reached a re game will be called.
    -7.61 If a player scouts or there are interactions between the two players the 7.2.1. rule doesn't apply anymore.
    -7.62 If a player disconnects after the two (2) minute mark, the present Admin will decide if it's a re-game or a win, unless both players agree to re-game.
    --7.62.1 If the player who disconnected had a big advantage (based on Admin review) a re-game will be called.
    --7.62.2 If the player who disconnected was losing by a big margin, they will be given a loss.
    --7.62.3 If a player disconnects after the two (2) minute mark, and admin is not present, the player who did not disconnect can take a default win.

    Section 8 / Replays

    8.10 Teams are responsible for saving all replays during a clan war.
    8.20 Teams are required to upload their replays on the SGL website as soon as possible.
    8.30 After 12 hours if the replays are not uploaded penalty points will be given unless an exception has been made.
    8.40 Uploading Replays
    8.50 Go to the homepage and click the 'Replays' button at the top of the page.
    8.60 Scroll to the bottom and locate the replay in your computer.
    8.70 Click 'Upload File'
    -8.71 The password is ggl
    8.80 A clan war is considered finished when all of the matches have been played.

    Section 9 / Penalty
    9.10 Three (3) penalty points will result in the loss of one (1) point from the team’s standings.
    9.20 If a team drops out of the SGL after Week 1, that team will be banned from applying for two (2) seasons.
    9.30 Penalty points may be assigned for (but not limited to):
    -9.31 Poor player conduct (including “bad manner” behavior).
    -9.32 Any activity judged to impede the progress of the Clan War.
    -9.33 Team Leaders not sufficiently performing their duties.
    -9.34 Any other misconduct as judged by an Admin.
    -9.35 Multiple penalty points may be assigned for one activity.
    -9.36 Severe Misconduct
    9.40 Some activities are beyond the scope of the Penalty Point system. They include (but are not limited to):
    -9.41 Use of third-party programs (“map-hacking”).
    -9.42 Roster abuse (“double-tagging”)
    -9.43 Misleading the Admins.
    -9.44 Other misconducts as judged by the Admin staff.
    -9.45 These misconducts may result in the ban of a player or even a team from the league for a season or forever.
    9.50 At the end of Regular Season, teams with sub-cards or joker cards left can trade them in to remove penalty points. The ratio is 1 sub-card subtracts 0.50 penalty points, one joker-card subtracts 1.00 penalty points..

    Section 10 / Miscellaneous

    10.1. Teams are supposed to follow all of the rules.
    10.2. Just because something isn't listed here doesn't mean you can abuse it.
    10.3. Rules may be bent depending on the situation and it's circumstances.
    10.4. In the case that is down Teams will be required to wait at least fifteen (15) minutes, if its still down after this you may re-schedule.
    10.5. When there is an official GGL stream in-game, there will be no observers other than streamers, and administrators from the GGL Staff.

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