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    iLeague Tournaments Empty iLeague Tournaments

    Post by KarTeL on Sat Jul 02, 2011 1:38 am

    Hello to everyone, the International League organize a series of tournament with a cash prize of 50 Euros.

    8 qualifiers tournaments will be played, at each tournament the 2 first players will joining the Final Tournament for try to win 50 Euros.
    Actually the first qualifiers tournament is OPEN.

    iLFTQ1 Important Informations
    - The Sign-Ups is OPEN
    - Sign-Up Deadline is the 10th July at 14:00 CET
    - Chech-In phase begin the 10th July at 14:00 CET
    - Check-In End the 10th July at 15:00 CET
    - Tournament begin the 10th July at 15:00 CET
    - GGC Room: Other Leagues & Tournaments

    For more informations & sign-up you need to join: or

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