GGL Week 6



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    GGL Week 6

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Wed May 04, 2011 8:27 pm

    Hey fellow War3'ers! Sorry for the 3 day late update. I was hoping that if had stared at the site long enough a news post would be made for me because i didn't want to do it! haha We have had a team drop as well team TranQuility Gaming [TranQ] has disbanned, but will be replaced with vMONSTERS [vM]. Also B.EV is now ESiG !!! So let's take a look at the past 2 weeks and what was accomplished.

    Week 5 Overview |
    - Team [N] took their war against LaG down to the end
    - n2o pushed their record to a impressive 4:1 after beating hQ 3:2
    - The mighty DkH was able to pull a 3:1 win over xTG
    - nE showing signs of week 1 and 2 life by crushing LS 4:1
    - Top of the charts OwNu pulled off another feat against the struggling eW

    Week 5 Roundup |
    Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] [3:2] Team [N]
    n2o Gaming [n2o] [3:2] high Quality [hQ]
    Team TranQuility [TranQ] [0:5] iAct Rebellion [iAct]
    DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] [3:1] xTREM Gaming [xTG]
    Ghost-Mystery Gaming [GMG] [0:5] Firestalker [Fs]
    no Excuses [nE] [4:1] League of Stars [Ls]
    EGIS eSports [EGiS] [0:5] Clan ohne Bestimmung [CoB]
    Clan OwNu [o_O] [3:1] energy WAVE [eW]

    Wildcarded Matches |

    I'm very disappointed with teams initiatives this past couple weeks. I gave everyone TWO WEEKS to get done what was needed and i told you that NO WILDCARDS would flow through to week 6. I'm sticking by my word, and if you take a look at battle reports for the season they are all updated and LOCKED. What ever score they say that is the score that the teams received. I don't care whos fault it was or who's fault you think it was it's final.

    Player of the Week | n2o.Acidrain & nE.Arxn0t
    Both of these players won their solo's and 2s matches very convincingly. Acidrain was able to do it by plaing random, in fact he played every race once in this war. Not only that these TWO players sit on top of the player stats board with the best records.

    Replay of the Week | TBA

    Week 6 Matches |
    Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] versus Ghost-Mystery Gaming [GMG]
    Schedule Here
    n2o Gaming [n2o] versus Clan ohne Bestimmung [CoB]
    Schedule Here
    ESiG Gaming [ESiG] versus Clan OwNu [o_O]
    Schedule Here
    high Quality [hQ] versus no Excuses [nE]
    Schedule Here
    vMONSTERS [vM] versus energy-WAVE [eW]
    Schedule Here
    Team N [N] versus iAct Rebellion [iAct]
    Schedule Here
    League of Stars [Ls] versus DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]
    Schedule Here
    Firestalker [Fs] versus xTREM Gaming [xTG]
    Schedule Here

    Pay attention to the upcoming announcements to be made here soon concerning GGL | DotA League, GGL | NGL League, & GGL | NAL !

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