GGL Week 5



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    GGL Week 5

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Wed Apr 20, 2011 4:57 pm

    Greetings loved ones; A few updates for this upcoming play week. This play week has been exended for 2 weeks, which means that it ends May 1st. This is because the American holiday (and possibly other countries) Easter! It takes place this Sunday so it will be rough for the American teams to play some. This also means a few things:
    - All matches and wildcards for ANY week need to be played by MAY 1ST. If not all teams involved will receive a loss.
    - There is NO WILDCARDS allowed for week 5, you have 2 weeks to play it so get it played. You can postpone a series within the 2 weeks but that is it.
    - All matches to be scheduled by this Sunday @ 2359 EST.
    - This is a catchup week as well for admins, if you see something wrong with profile etc please let us know so we can update it.

    Week 4 Overview |
    - J4S has merged and is now Ls
    - The 1st place nE got smashed by xTG 4:1
    - The up and coming OwNu are tied with CoB @ 2:2 with the 2on2 left
    - The last place TranQ trying to keep up almost pulling out a win losing 2:3 to LaG.TT
    - n2o tries to keep up in points as the are tied @ 2:2 with Ls
    - eW pulls out a close one vs the thurderin' iAct

    Week 4 Round-up |
    Clan ohne Bestimmung [CoB] [2:2] Clan OwNu [o_O]
    n2o Gaming [n2o] [2:2] League of Stars [Ls]
    iAct Rebellion [iAct] [2:3] Energy WAVE [eW]
    Team N [N] [1:4] Firestalker [Fs]
    Ghost-Mystery Gaming [GMG] [1:2] DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH]
    no Excuses [nE] [1:4] xTREM Gaming [xTG]
    Binary Evasion [B.EV] versus high Quality [hQ]
    Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] [3:2] Team TranQuility [TranQ]

    Wildcarded Series |
    Week 1 [vs] GMG-Dreamer
    BEV_LawLiet & BEV_TaeYeoN [vs] GMG-Kalipso & GMG-Friend
    Week 3
    LaG.TT.Danger [vs] eW.AJK
    Week 4
    GMG-werded [vs] DkH.Rain
    GMG-Friend & GMG-Kalipso [vs] DkH.ZoZ & DkH.Fly
    n2o.Flipstar [vs] Ls.Pain
    CoB-niGHT & Arius [vs] o_O)FK & o_O)MeTa

    You have until May 1st @ 23:59EST to have these completed, if they are not played all teams receive automatic losses.

    Player of the Week | n2o.GloryFades
    This week the player GloryFades pulled a 4:0 score. He won his solo and the 2s pretty convincingly vs the team known as Ls.

    Replay of the Week | TranQ.RSM & TranQ.Jinei versus LaG.TT.DanGer & LaG.TT.Anima - Replay
    This was a very fun game to watch, i had the chance to watch the game live and i was sure that LaG.TT had this won. It was very cool to watch the tactic pulled by TranQ at the end to catch LaG.TT off gaurd. This was a series changer and TranQ started down 0-1 and came back to win 2-1.

    Week 5 match-ups are as follows |
    Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] versus Team [N]
    Schedule Here
    n2o Gaming [n2o] versus high Quality [hQ]
    Schedule Here
    Binary Evasion [B.EV] versus Clan ohne Bestimmung [CoB]
    Schedule Here
    Team TranQuility [TranQ] versus iAct Rebellion [iAct]
    Schedule Here
    League of Stars [Ls] versus no Excuses [nE]
    Schedule Here
    Clan OwNu [o_O] versus energy WAVE [eW]
    Schedule Here
    Ghost-Mystery Gaming [GMG] versus Firestalker [Fs]
    Schedule Here
    DkH Multigaming e.V. [DkH] versus xTREM Gaming [xTG]
    Schedule Here

    Reminder | All matches are too be schedule by Sunday April 24th @ 2359EST.

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