2sL Week 1 and Other Info



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    2sL Week 1 and Other Info

    Post by GGL|FK on Sun Apr 17, 2011 7:15 pm

    Hey all, week 1 is finally upon us and with that I have some various important information for ya'll.

    --$50 prize for 1st place, $20 for best predictor which will be explained below.

    --Teams MUST schedule and email ggameleague@gmail.com by Friday @ 11:59 PM EST and games MUST be played by Sunday @ 11:59 PM EST, .5 PPs will be given to each team per day late.

    --Teams will receive .25 PPs per replay not uploaded. (Winning teams must upload their replays).

    --Teams will receive 2 wildcards over the course of the season. Will be automatically used if the team no-shows to a war.

    --Teams will receive 4 PPs for no-showing to a war if they do not have any more wildcards.

    --Teams will be kicked if they receive 6 total PPs, no exceptions.

    --Teams may add or remove a third player on their roster if they provide a good reason. I do not want this to be a regular occurrence however.

    OK! Now that the boring stuff has been said, here are the week 1 matchups.

    --WEEK 1 START MAP - Twisted Meadows

    / Ghostbusters Inc. - Profile vs. Fs 2v2 - Profile
    Team FRANCE - Profile vs. Unicorn Justice - Profile
    Random Noobs - Profile vs. 40us - Profile
    Mighty-oYo - Profile vs. / BloodBrothers - Profile
    Purple & Yellow - Profile vs. DkH - Profile

    schellinat0rs - Profile vs. / yodi Team - Profile
    SoDW - Annormal Teamwork - Profile vs. TeaM HiPPo - Profile
    Passion of the Warden - Profile vs. / no Excuses - Profile
    Team Ma[NN]er - Profile vs. Sexytits Legion - Profile
    MANUBOT VS GRADE NINE - Profile vs. xTG - xtreme gaming - Profile

    Out of Group
    PickUpArtists - Profile vs. WebmeX 2 - Profile


    For the predictions, since I am doing this in Excel, I require that people copy paste the format I have and just change the '>' sign to whatever team they think is going to win. I will be posting an update every week about who the leaders are. I will also post the Excel occasionally so people can see the overall scores. Anyway, click the predictions link above to get started for week 1!

    And as always post any questions!


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    Re: 2sL Week 1 and Other Info

    Post by GGL|FK on Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:57 pm

    Also, if teams are having trouble scheduling through MSN or whatnot, post a forum topic early to help show that you attempted to schedule.

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