Week 1 Match | Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] versus Clan OwNu [o_O]



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    Week 1 Match | Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] versus Clan OwNu [o_O]

    Post by GGL|shiKaka on Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:33 pm

    Latest and Greatest Gaming [LaG.TT] versus Clan OwNu [o_O]

    Today we have TWO great orga's facing off today, the on the rise LaG.TT and the old farts OwNu. Shall be an interesting war for many reasons, but let's start at the top shall we? LaG could pull a strong victory but I'm worried that the noobAcidrain will bring the team down, filled with bad manner and no micro this kid is nothing but cancer. Thankfully the legit player DanGeR is here to save the day. On the other side with the old farts we have our very own FK and Meta. Normally their 2s is an easy win,but for some noob reason their manager (being a noob) didn't put them in the 2s.

    Time | 1400EST

    Battle Report Link

    Player Watch |


    Most Important Match | LaG.TT.Danger & LaG.TT.Legend [vs] LaND[OwNu] & o_O)MeTaTaTe

    Why? Like i said earlier, for OwNu this is usually a free win, but things came up which is perventing FK from playing. LaND has skill but is it enough to face up with the Master DanGer, or will oldschool Meta out micro Legend with his 400apm (no exaggeration)


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