GGL 2s League Accepting Applications!



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    GGL 2s League Accepting Applications!

    Post by GGL|FK on Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:54 am

    After many people have asked me for it, i've decided to make it happen with some help from GGL|FK

    I am proud to announce that GGL will be opening a 2v2 League on top of the standard team league!

    What is it?
    Each week teams will play one BO3 series against another team. A team will consist of two players, however a third player may be added to a teams roster as a backup. Players will only be allowed to be on one teams roster. The top teams from the regular season will move on to the playoffs to compete for the 2v2 Super Bowl!

    We would like to see 20 teams make it into the regular season. However, this depends solely on the amount of quality applications. If there are many quality teams that apply then there may be more teams allowed into the regular season, and vice versa. The qualification process will be determined depending on the number of applications received.

    But FK there have been many 2s leagues before and most have failed:
    This league will not tolerate lazy teams. Previous leagues have failed due to a lack of sternness on the side of the admin staff. THERE WILL BE NO TOLERANCE FOR TEAMS THAT DO NOT SCHEDULE. I will have no problem finding a team to take your spot if you decide to not put forth the effort to schedule.

    Prize Pool:
    Working on a prize pool for season 1, but if not for season 2 for sure.

    Side Notes:
    Clan is irrelevant for this league. Players from any clan may join together to make a team for the GGL 2s League. Accepted teams is not only based on skill, we want teams that are skilled, but what is more important is that teams want to play.

    How to apply:
    Please send your applications to GGAMELEAGUE@GMAIL.COM. In the subject line please write GGL 2s League Application.

    Please include the following:

    *Team Name:
    *Team Roster (Minimum of 2, Maximum of 3): (Include country,race)
    *Indicate a Team Manager. The manager can be can be one of the players or someone that will not be a player.
    *Manager MSN/e-mail/AIM/etc:
    *Bnet Accounts:
    *Bnet Realm
    *GGC Accounts:
    *Why we should accept your team:

    We will be accepting applications until Saturday the 26th at midnight, and will hopefully be announcing the teams that next Sunday the 27th.

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